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And all of this history provides a insatiable draw to bring visitors from all over the world. They love the great simplicity of its past, and the natural manner in which it is presented. Sligo was the centre of power of the famous warrior Queen Maeve of Connaught In Celtic folklore, and this along with Sligo’s legacy of ancient sites show that the county was quite densely populated in the Celtic era. The beautiful scenery of County Sligo inspired much of the great works by W. Yeats and the sheer beauty of the place is clear to visitors when they spend time exploring county’s fine mountains, lakes and golden beaches. He is now buried in Drumcliff Graveyard, beneath the shadow of beautiful Benbulben Mountain. The bustling capital of the North West is Sligo Town. Is has a rich cultural and historic heritage stretching back 6, years. To the west of the county lie The Ox Mountains which provide a backdrop to the coastal plain.

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The highly-polished stone axe, known as an adze, was made especially for the funeral of a very important person, whose remains were cremated and then buried at the site. The axe, believed to be the earliest fully polished adze in Europe, was only used for a short time, and then intentionally blunted. Limerick, dates to between 7, and 7, BC. The site was discovered 15 years ago, and contained burial pits holding the remains of individuals who had been cremated.

The grave appeared to have been marked by an upright post. Archaeologists believe that this object was probably specially made for the burial and was used as part of the funerary rights, possibly to cut the wood for the pyre for the cremation, or to cut the tree used as the grave post marker. Drawing showing Hermitage polished axe in position next to wooden post marking grave More evidence of life during the Mesolithic Period is gradually becoming known with around twenty important sites identified around Ireland.

Mount Sandel, near Coleraine, Co. Derry, is the oldest Mesolithic site in Ireland and dates from about BC. However, the recent announcement that scientists had dated a fragment of butchered bear bone from a cave in Co. Clare to 10, BC, may push back the date for human occupation in Ireland by 2, years. Archaeologists discovered the remains of two individuals in Killuragh Cave, Co.


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Ballyshannon is a town in County Donegal, Ireland. It is located at the southern end of the county where the N3 and N15 cross the River Erne, and claims to be the oldest town in onBallyshannon, which means “The Mouth of Seannach’s Ford”, after a fifth-century warrior, Seannach, who was slain there, lies at the mouth of the river Erne.

The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. Called the oathing stone it was thought to be the best way to express your solemn promise in physical form. Taken from the ancient Celtic custom of setting an oath in stone, inclusion of an oathing stone in the vows can be deeply moving. Etching your vows in stone is a sacred symbol across cultures.

In the Scottish tradition an oath given near a stone or water was considered more binding. In some areas of Scotland, the couple would carve their names on a tree or a stone. Some of these bridal stones still exist across Scotland. It is believed that holding the stone during the reading of the vows casts them into the stone. After the wedding, the Oathing Stone can be used as a paper weight, or in a shadow box, or decoratively around a candle or vase of flowers, or placed in an aquarium, etc.

However they are displayed, they will always be a precious keepsake of a special occasion in your life. Give it a place in the garden so your love will grow strong roots and flourish or in a special place in your home to remind you of the vows taken on your wedding day. At the wedding, place a bowl filled with mini-Oathing Stones on the guest sign-in table where the guests enter and exit the seating area.

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Upland Walks Sligo has a varied natural landscape with spectacular limestone mountains such as Benbulben and Benwiskin that form part of the Dartry range in the North of the County while the south west of the county is dominated by the Ox mountain range which are composed on a mixture of ancient rocks — gneiss, schist and granite. This wild area of uplands is covered largely with blanket bog and is home to the Sligo Way walking route among others.

Yeats, including the iconic Lake Isle of Innisfree. For the culturally curious, a number of our forest walks are also heritage sites including Deer Park which is home to a court tomb dating back to 3, BC while Union Wood is a bio diversity site located on the edge of old oak woodland and was formerly part of the Cooper estate.

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Be in the lobby ready to depart. Connemara, a land of lakes and rivers, bogs and mountains, has many small villages with stone walls and thatched cottages. Gaelic is still the spoken language there, where little has changed since the beginning of time. It’s without a doubt the wildest and the most romantic part of Ireland. On its northern shore the land is harsher and more secret, with spectacular views of the ocean and the beautiful fjord of Killary Harbour, as well as the steep mountains overlooking numerous lakes and large bog areas.

It was established and opened to the public in Connemara is a real paradise for Nature lovers and those in search of strong emotions. Lunch on your own. As we explore together the various sites with Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and our local contacts, Dr. Schoch will be available to comment on them, offering both the traditional interpretations of the sites and structures, and also placing them into the context of new thinking regarding the possible extreme antiquity, and later reuse, of some sites — an antiquity that in some cases may harken back to the end of the last ice age, some 12, years ago.

We continue to our hotel in Westport and check in. Robert Schoch, during which he will review his latest research on the causes of the end of the last ice age circa BCE and the solar outburst-induced catastrophes that brought about the demise of the earlier cycle of civilization, evidence and remains of which can be identified the world over, including here in Ireland as we explored during the day on our way to Westport. We will elaborate on these themes as we continue our journey through Ireland.

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A remarkable archaeological discovery in a Co. Clare cave has pushed back the date of human existence in Ireland by 2, years. This discovery re-writes Irish archaeology and adds an entirely new chapter to human colonisation of the island – moving Ireland’s story into a new era.

Name[ edit ] Knocknarea is an anglicization of an Irish name. Joyce preferred the interpretation Cnoc na Riaghadh “hill of the executions”. Although it remains unexcavated, and is one of the biggest of such monuments still unexplored, it has many of the features of a classic passage tomb. It is believed to date to around BCE. Archaeologist Stefan Bergh, in his book Landscape of the Monuments Stockholm , suggests that a large depression some distance to the west of the mound was the quarry from which the limestone for the monument was taken.

Other monuments[ edit ] Meabh’s Cairn, though by far the largest, is only one of a number of monuments on the summit of Knocknarea. In general the tombs are lined up North-South, and they may have been constructed to face Carrowmore in the lowlands. Many of the smaller tombs seem to have been small passage tombs; they were severely damaged by the excavations of antiquarians in the 19th century.

The entire top of the mountain on the eastern side is circumscribed by a 1-kilometre 0. Hut sites have been located on the inside of this area. A large amount of debris from making stone tools has been collected. Carrowmore passage tomb cemetery is located at the eastern foot of Knocknarea.

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For all their wars are merry and all their songs are sad. The Lia Fail is believed to be the stone on which Jacob rested: It had been used for many centuries at the coronation of the Scottish Kings and kept at the Abbey of Scone.

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Megalithic tombs, stone circles and standing stones were replaced as places of worship by wooden churches and monasteries. In fact, many pagan sites such as sacred wells were Christianised by associating them with a local saint and many standing stones were coverted into ogham stones. Although there is evidence that bullaun stones existed prior to the spread of Christianity, they are now mainly found at Christian sites.

It is commonly believed that St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, but there is evidence that Christianity was introduced prior to St. Some of the first Christians coming to Ireland would most likely have arrived by sea directly from Gaul or through Wales where earlier monks from Gaul set up in the fourth century. The most likely landing would have been along the south coast and Christianity then spread to the north.

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It is located on the northern point of the lake, about 1 km east of the river Uinshin, and 5 km north east of Carrowkeel. In both location and mythology Heapstown bears many similarities to Newgrange in the Boyne Valley. Irish Megalithic monuments There are four main types of megalithic monument to be found in Ireland. These are chambered cairns also known as passage tombs or passage graves with perhaps – in the country.

Court cairns , court tombs , about , dolmens portal tombs or cromleacs , some examples and wedges , again around monuments. A fifth type or category are unclassified monuments of which there are at least

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It is located at a point where a stream emerges from underground and is partially enclosed by a stone wall, part of which is of recent construction. There is a crucifixion plaque, dating to the s, in the wall on the north side of the well, which is flanked on each side by two large slabs. The well is partly enclosed in dry stonewalling but incorporates bedrock.

A bullaun stone projects from the wall, just above the water level. Bullauns are man-made hollows or basins, cut into rock outcrops, boulders or some portable stones. One, two or more holes may occur.

The I.B.A.L. however are holding firm and say that litter on both the approach roads and the town centre brought about Sligo’s lowly ranking, with fast food wrappings and alcohol-related litter evident in several sites.

Insert body text here Welcome To Keash, Co. Toomour Abbey — This stands in a small enclosure in which there is an early altar with cross slabs and praying or cursing stones. The ruinous church is Medieval in date and was altered a number of times. Kingstone Holy Well – Stories have been handed down from generation to generation of people coming to pray at this well which was dedicated to Christ the King. Templevanny Graveyard – Some of the earliest recognisable headstones date to the 18th but the site goes back to Early Christian times.

There may be a crannog in the lake and there was a mill on the outflow for centuries, the most recent is 19th c. The medieval church is no longer to be seen.

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