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The historic city centre is less than an hour by train from its much larger neighbor to the north-east, Shanghai , which makes Jiaxing a popular day trip destination from Shanghai. It is also easily reached from Hangzhou , Suzhou or Nanjing. The Pavilion of Mist and Rain, on an island in South Lake, Jiaxing A small canal in Wuzhen, a preserved canal town in the suburbs of Jiaxing Xitang, another well-known canal town in the suburbs of Jiaxing Jiaxing is more than years old. Historically, it was a strategically important town, and fought over by different kingdoms. The citadel at the city’s centre is one vestige of this history. The countryside around Jiaxing became some of China’s richest agriculturally, and Jiaxing became a rich market town. In the 6th century, Jiaxing became an important stop on the Grand Canal, the 1, km long watercourse that connected the economically important Yangtze Delta with Beijing, the political capital. Jiaxing became a popular place for scholar-officials to retire to. It was a favourite destination of the Qianlong emperor.

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With so many stunning locations to enjoy and photograph, no visitor should leave without capturing the charming Xitang Water Town. Wangxian Bridge was built in Song Dynasty more than a thousand years ago. Wangxian means to watch immortal spirits in English. The Yongning Bridge, stretching across the Xutang River, gives visitors the best vantage point for photos in Xitang. Hundreds of ancient houses are located on the south bank of the river.

You can photograph all of them from Yongning Bridge. The narrow passages — each with their own name — connect streets, waterways, and houses.

Monster tidal wave surges down the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, China

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With a history dating back more than a thousand years, you will always stumble upon something interesting while exploring the old lanes or crossing the intricately-carved stone bridges. Getting there: Xitang is located just outside the town of Jiaxing, almost mid-way between Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Shi Jiaxing [right] at the scene of the fire rescue wearing an expensive name brand down padded jacket, inciting the ire of netizens. Shi Jiaxing [right] at the scene of the fire rescue wearing an expensive name brand down padded jacket, inciting the ire of netizens. Down-Filled Jacket Just Several Thousand Yuan Harbin city official wears luxury brand down jacket during fire fighting, claims daughter purchased it for him from abroad.

January 2nd, at the Harbin fire disaster that claimed the lives of 5 firefighters , Harbin Municipal Party Committee Member and Secretary-General Shi Jiaxing wore an expensive down-filled jacket at the scene of the fire. The goose down garment that Shi Jiaxing wore is by the brand Moncler, which is sold for over 10, yuan domestically. Shi Jiaxing responded to the media claiming his down jacket was bought abroad by his daughter, and just a few thousand RMB. In this photo that spread widely on WeChat and Weibo, a government official wearing glasses and a black down jacket is receiving a report on the scene [of the fire].

Netizens added the caption: What this government leader wearing glasses is wearing is a Moncler down jacket, which retails for over 10, [RMB]. The 20, death compensation is so they can buy a down jacket. He is in charge of managing all the affairs of the Municipal Working Committee.

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Biography[ edit ] Born to ethnic Korean parents, Jin studied in a local Korean elementary school. Her father worked in the police department. She was praised as highly intelligent, and had won abacus contests many times. At the age of 9, she joined the People’s Liberation Army to receive dance and military training; [2] she became a member of the military’s dance troupe, and eventually attained the rank of colonel. Jin experienced strong transsexual desires early in life.

She said she would stay outside during rain, and wish that a lightning strike would turn her body female.

Aug 26,  · South Lake (Jiaxing) topic. A view of Nanhu and the city of Jiaxing in the background South Lake (Chinese: 南湖 ; pinyin: Nán Hú ; Wu: Noe Wu) is a lake in the South of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, and covers an area of km².

Situated at the terminus of the E Zhejiang RR, it is an industrial center and one of China’s leading seaports. It was designated an “open” city in in order to stimulate foreign trade and investment. Ningbo has a variety of heavy and light industries, including shipbuilding, food processing, textile mills, and the manufacture of machinery. The city’s ports and economic and technological development zone are at Beilun. Ningbo is a transportation center with canal, road, and rail links, and steamer services to places such as Shanghai; a mi km bridge across Hangzhou Bay N of Ningbo links the city with Jiaxing and Shanghai.

Long a center of culture and religion, Ningbo has many temples and Buddhist monasteries. The present site of Ningbo has been occupied since at least the 8th cent. During the Ming dynasty Ningbo was known as Qingyuan. From to it served as the port of entry for Japanese missions to the Chinese court. The Portuguese, who had established a trading settlement there in the 16th cent. In the Opium War , British forces occupied the city.

The Treaty of Nanjing , which ended hostilities, made Ningbo a treaty port.

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Prefecture-level city — Prefectural level cities form the second level of the administrative structure. Administrative chiefs of prefectural level cities generally have the rank as a division chief of a national ministry. Since the s, most former prefectures have been renamed into prefectural level cities, a prefectural level city is a city and prefecture that have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. The larger prefectural level cities span over kilometres, prefectural level cities nearly always contain multiple counties, county level cities, and other such sub-divisions.

Xitang Town in Jiashan County Area Xitang Ancient Town is situated in Jiashan County, near Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province of China. This is an ancient town in China dating to.

I have lived and worked in many countries. Prior to China I was living in Chile. I speak Italian and average Spanish which I jumble up with Italian. I have lived in Italy, Chile, Turkey and Vietnam. I am currently learning Chinese as living in China, it makes my day to day life in China easier if I can understand the language. Law, Education, Quality, Regulation and Accreditation. Now semi-retired and entertaining myself travelling and enjoying my new life More about my Match Another European or Asian guy who can speak a few languages also.

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JiaXing 嘉兴, ZheJiang province. Lying on the Grand Canal of China, JiaXing borders HangZhou to the south west, HuZhou to the west, ShangHai to the north east, and the province of JiangSu to the north.

Yang Hu, pictured in hospital, severed his own penis because he thought it was surplus to requirements since he couldn’t find a girlfriend A Chinese man frustrated at being single cut off his own penis then, in agony, decided to cycle to a hospital for treatment. When he arrived doctors told him they couldn’t help save his manhood and ordered him to cycle back home to get the penis before he could be treated.

When Yang Hu, 26, eventually arrived back at the hospital with the severed member, doctors told him that it had been without blood for too long, and it was impossible to reattach it. Yang’s friends said that he had been increasingly depressed about the fact that since moving to the city he could not find a girlfriend. What was worse, they said, was that he was doing such long hours in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang province in east China, that he doubted he would ever have a chance to meet a woman.

His depression grew so bad that after returning home after work at 9pm on October 27 to his rented room he had suddenly decided to cut off his member as there was no use for it anyway, and believing it would stop him thinking about getting a girlfriend. Incredibly he managed to cycle to the hospital, then cycled home again to collect the severed member and then back to the hospital.

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Whatsapp In , thousands of Chinese citizens were sent to brutal labor camps where life was hell and leaving was impossible—but that didn’t stop one man from trying. Half a century later, his long lost story is finally told. One of them was Xu Hongci, a medical student arrested for speaking out against the Soviet Union, who was sentenced to a camp called White Grass Ridge.

Zhejiang Province (浙江), centrally located on China’s eastern coastline, spans approximately , square kilometers (39, square miles) with a population of 54,, million ().

So today we’ll continue our torch relay trip and bring you interesting travel informations about these two cities. Jiaxing is famous for its water, garden and cultural scenery. Town of Wuzhen Wuzhen [Photo source: It features a complicated but attractive network of ponds and waterways running alongside its streets. Bridges stretch over the streams while trees surround the water channels.

Here, boats are the most common means of transport. With a long history of over 1, years, there are also a lot of historical cultural sites in Wuzhen. Lots of buildings constructed in the Ming and Qing dynasties are still standing in the streets along the rivers. South Lake Yanyulou [Photo source: A small island was constructed in the lake over years ago during the Ming dynasty. Yanyulou, which was built on the tiny island, is an ideal viewing point for appreciating the scenery of South Lake.

It was built in typical Ming style, with lots of stone carvings, steles and tablets.

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This fabulous project, in which the protagonists are the wide spaces and the concrete, was designed by interior design firm JACKY.W DESIGN, under the leadership of its professionals Jacky Wang and Jammie Lu in the city of Long Feng Lu, Nanhu Qu, Jiaxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China.

Although it’s marketed as ‘not as cruel as bullfighting’, the annual event – held earlier this month – has garnered a growing amount of criticism from animal rights groups. Competitors must work hard to see who can wrestle the bulls to the ground in the shortest amount of time. Locals defend the event as part of their cultural heritage which has always taken place – even though this is only the fourth time that it has taken place as a regional competition.

Bull wrestling was previously only held in villages in remote county regions where the strongest men would try to wrestle water buffalo bulls – weighing upwards of kg – to the ground. Locals defend the event as part of their cultural heritage which has always taken place Image: CEN This year, more than contestants from across the country, as well as foreign participants, took part in the contest, which has been growing in popularity.

The organisers bill the event as the “harmless alternative to bullfighting” as the animals do not get killed. Contestants win as soon as the bull is thrown to the ground, a feat which can sometimes be accomplished in under three seconds. Han Haihua, chairman of the contest, says he hopes the increasing popularity of the sport amongst foreign guests will one day see the tradition become as popular as Spanish bullfighting, especially as it is less harmful to the animals. But a spokesperson from animal rights organisation PETA said: Cruel to be kind: The organisers bill the event as the “harmless alternative to bullfighting” as the animals do not get killed Image: CEN “Bullfighting arenas are closing throughout Spain as nearly 80 per cent of Spanish people no longer want anything to do with these barbaric spectacles, and other bullfighting countries are also turning their backs on these cruel events.

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