Top Japanese AV Idol: The DMM Adult Awards 2017

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Congrat! Ex-AKB Kojima Haruna is dating younger, rich IT director of DMM

Many months ago I made a post on the best adult webcam sites that seems to have helped a lot of people. As many of you already know Japanese porn is among the best in the world. As I wrote in my previous posts on the best porn sites I think there is real value in sites where the kind of high quality porn a person likes is collected and presented for ease of use. If I spent all my time trying to dig my favorite porn clips out of the millions of subpar videos on a tube site I might not have time to come up with award meriting posts like this.

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The massive AV idol Adult Video industry is said to produce more than 20, films per year. So, here you go guys, maybe even use it as a reference for next year! R18 is one of the biggest online adult content sites on the net. This AV porn mega monster site caters for streaming, rentals and an online DVD shop for the majority of adult videos released in Japan. Through this revival in the form of the new DMM Adult Awards, it is one of the first times that an adult contest has transformed into such a gorgeous spectacle.

The event is held in a hall venue in Tokyo and is filled with fans, has a red carpet and even performances by music artists. Just like the Emmys. From December of the previous year up until February, DMM considers the number of titles, the number of searches, sales and overall popularity of AV idols with titles featured on their site. By March, AV idol nominees are selected and the start of voting is made public in April. The nominated AV idols are divided into two different award categories.

During the voting period, fans who have a DMM account all have the right to vote for their favourite AV idol through an online poll. Here is a brief overview of the 8 awards the top AV idols are fighting for. Best Actress and Best Actress Runner Up Awarded to the top and runner actresses with the most internet and event venue votes.

Top Japanese AV Idol: The DMM Adult Awards 2017

They’re text-heavy games where each click brings you a little closer to either getting to see some cartoon porn or ending up in a “game over” screen and then seeing that cartoon porn on Google anyway. The stories always involve a childhood friend you secretly lust for, a wise character with glasses who gives you advice that you secretly lust for and, this being Japan, a healthy dose of insanity. Some of these games take that last part a little too far, though, leading to some very confusing boners.

Advertisement 6 School Days — Piss Off Your Girlfriend, Cause a Bloodbath School Days is a popular erotic “visual novel” that inspired various spin-offs across different media — including Cross Days, the game you can play with a literal cock control and which outs you as a pervert if you try to pirate it.

He’s with DMM, a major digital company in Japan and he head one of their subsidiary. He’s 5 yrs younger than Koji, and he’s a rich ikemen. I think this is his twitter account and that’s koji’s dog he’s playing with.

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The literal translation is about a size difference between a kaiju and a daikaiju, with the implication that the daikaiju is the greater of the two types. The exact definition of what determines a kaiju from a daikaiju is debated. This term is used for the most powerful kaiju, the prefix dai- emphasizing great power or status. Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra are the san daikaiju, the three great kaiju.

Sep 07,  · The game on DMM is not out yet but is now having an pre-registration (for Android Version or Browser Version) Yup! For the 1st time this game will had an Browser version and DMM .

The glacial history of Wahlenbergfjorden, was reconstructed with geophysical and sedimentological data. Abstract Wahlenbergfjorden is a fjord situated in the western part of Nordaustlandet in northern Svalbard. High-resolution multibeam bathymetric and sub-bottom data, as well as sediment cores are used to study the past extent and dynamics of glaciers in Wahlenbergfjorden and western Nordaustlandet. The submarine landform assemblage in Wahlenbergfjorden consists of landforms characteristic of subglacial, ice marginal and proglacial conditions.

Glacial lineations indicate that Wahlenbergfjorden was occupied by streaming ice during the LGM and most likely acted as an ice stream onset zone. Westward ice flow in the fjord merged with the ice stream in Hinlopen Strait. Absence of ice recessional landforms in outer Wahlenbergfjorden suggests relatively fast deglaciation, possibly by flotation of the glacier front in the deeper parts of the fjord. The inner part of Wahlenbergfjorden and Palanderbukta are characterized by De Geer moraines, indicating episodic retreat of a grounded glacier front.

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Snake Dream Interpretation Dreaming of snakes in water with you in the middle of it all would probably make you break into a cold sweat. But it can also mean something positive, depending on the overall feel of your dream. Whether a dream indicates a good or bad omen depends on several factors. One thing is for sure, not all snake dreams are ominous. A water snake dream is elemental, similar to when you dream of snakes associated with earth, air, or fire. Although different cultures have different interpretations, elemental snake dreams can relate to you one way or another.

If you dream of an Aboriginal rainbow serpent that calls a waterhole home, for example, expect positive effects and blessings, as the snake relates to life-giving powers and fertility. Water Snake Dream Meaning Good omen Water represents fortune in traditional Chinese culture, while snake is likened to a dragon.

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Old Norse hayfield abandoned about years ago in southwest Greenland. Dwelling ruins in the lower right corner Old iron mine dating from the middle ages in northern Navarre We study ecosystem recovery after anthropogenic disturbance We aim to understand patterns and mechanisms of the recovery of ecosystem complexity after anthropogenic disturbance.

We combine observations and experimental research with meta-analysis in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in all impacted biomes, including plant-fungi-insect networks in medieval iron opencast mines in temperate Europe to plant community composition and biogeochemical functions of Old Norse settlements in subarctic Greenland. The legacy of human disturbance Human activities degrade totally or partially ecosystems, making them less diverse, less functional and more vulnerable to further change.

For years, we have been quantifying the effects of disturbance on ecosystem diversity and function, but less has been known about the effects of disturbance on their recovery. One may think that thanks to the restoration of degraded ecosystems, we can bring back lost biodiversity and functions, and even justify further degradation Read more 2. Long-term recovery of ecosystem complexity One of the most relevant questions in conservation biology is to estimate the magnitude of anthropogenic disturbance, that is, what would it take for an ecosystem to fully recover?

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In fact, they were composing almost exclusively on their own.

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